Human beings are complex individuals and no one can understand this any better than humans ourselves. Humans have always been termed as social beings but considering that we are more connected than ever before, there is an ever growing problem that has come with it and that is the issue of self identity in society.


People need a society, which they can live in, find their place in the society and develop meaningful relations with other fellow human beings. People keep trying to understand other individuals all through their lives but surprisingly, they often fail to understand their inner selves, the purpose of their lives and their relation with their inner selves and identity of the society. 


Every individual has three distinctive sides to his personality. His outer self which he presents to the world, his private self which is mostly deep seated somewhere in his personality and forms the core of his inner self. The third side of an individualist personality is his mirror or perceived self. This is that aspect of a person as the world at large and he himself believes him to be like. 


Among these three selves, remains lost our self-identity and identity of the society, which needs to be acknowledged well in time in order to progress and tread on the path of self-development. A persons public self, which he exhibits to the world, can often be the most deceiving one. If a person is quite extrovert and is considered very outgoing by his peers, he is expected to be highly optimistic, high energy and motivated in life. Nevertheless, in reality, it may be possible that an individual may be quite its opposite. In such cases, the concerned person always feels the need to mask his inner self and present an identity of what the world perceives him to be. In the process of constantly putting up with a fake exterior, he may lose touch with his inner self and his real identity.

The Power of Being


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