“The most influential clinical psychologist in the field of self identity, and it is not even close.” 

Professor Sarah Jenkins


“Dr Joseph Dalhatu is truly an expert in his field and this book is a demonstration of his genius. It exposes the inner battle of human mind and proposes a solution to the self identity crisis.” 

Dr Andre L. Colbert 


“Dr Joseph Dalhatu’s book is not the first about overcoming the self identity crisis, but it is certainly one of the most compelling. His subject insight combined with the year of professional and personal experience makes this book an important contribution to the literature of said subject.” 

Institution of Human Psychology, CAO


“This book is extremely timely with the raise of the Black Lives Matters movement, it further reinforces the importance of being on the right side of history by relinquishing the robotic ways of the old and claiming the new age of humanity.”

Esther Olanrewaju

The Power of Being

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