Pastor Ezekiel Tanner—shares his principles for unlocking your God-given drive using biblical and practical elements of anti-procrastination techniques.

In ‘Anti-Procrastination Techniques: A Biblical Cure’, Pastor Ezekiel presents his brutally honest insights on the conditions in what makes people stuck in a procrastination cycle and how to break free to find the ways to your success. 

Anti-procrastination Techniques lays out a clear path and series of methods that were fundamental to Ezekiel’s raise from a nobody to a millionaire and the impact God had in providing true wisdom to this process. By facing his demons, always remembering where he has come from and having a true passion for people, he has been able to develop anti-procrastination principles.

By combining his own story with bold advice and his interpretation of what the bible says on the matter, Ezekiel hopes Anti-Procrastination Techniques: A Biblical Cure will empower you to live your best life.

Anti-Procrastination Techniques

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