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Can I submit my book to Mayunga Books for publication?

Yes! BUT: Please read our submissions policy carefully. We can only consider your submission if you follow the guidelines and are unfortunately unable to respond to any submissions that do not do so. If you’re unsure, please email us on: mayungabooks@gmail.com

How do I apply for a job or work experience at Mayunga Books?

Details of job vacancies (should they arise) will be posted on our facebook page job section. We are currently unable to offer work experience, but sign up to our newsletter to find out about future opportunities, including yearlong traineeships for people from backgrounds less well represented in publishing.

I’d like to contact an Mayunga Books author. Can you put me in touch?

We would be happy to forward any correspondence to the author or their agent. Just email us on mayungabooks@gmail.com. We cannot give out authors’ contact details. To contact an author for a bookshop event, festival or interview, please send us an email.

How is Mayunga Books Publisher different from other publishing companies?

The benefits of publishing with Mayunga Books are: - You have editorial control of your text. You decide what goes into the book. - You have artistic control of the cover design. - You retain all the rights, including subsidiary rights, to your book. - You can get your book published much faster with Mayunga Books. - Instead of making a royalty on the wholesale distribution of your book, you will make much more money on the sale of each book you sell yourself. In addition, your sales through bookstores will net you much more than a royalty.

Will Mayunga Books register my book for me?

Yes, we will assign an ISBN number to your book and list it for you. Your book will then be in your specific category section in every library in the country, as well as on selected online and physical bookstore. You, the author, will retain the copyright to your book.

How long does it take to get my book published?

To some degree, that depends on you. As a rough estimate from the time you send the your work to us, we generally have the book published within 1 to 2 months.

I don’t live in the UK, can you still publish my work?

Of course, we are willing to work with authors from around the world.

Do you offer editing and proof-reading?

We do offer copy editing as an additional service. This includes, spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax etc.. as well as highlighting any problem areas. Quotes are provided on a per-book basis so please contact us via email for further information.

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